As a contractor of thirty-five years specializing in Victorian restoration, I had always been careful to protect the health of my workers and had handled toxic waste in accordance with sound environmental practice. As a PDCA apprenticeship instructor, I passed this knowledge on to a new generation of painters. The handling of toxic solvents was often the focus of health and safety and hazmat training. I always emphasized one warning on Safety Data Sheets for solvents: “repeated and prolonged exposure can cause permanent brain and nervous system damage.” Tragically, most home owners and even painters are unaware of this danger. Proper respirator protection and chemical resistant gloves are rarely employed.”

“However, it wasn’t health and safety that finally spurred me to bring Dizzolve to market. It was the EPA. In California, the EPA began limiting the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint products including solvents. These “California compliant” solvents were quite ineffective. Painters began throwing away their brushes at day’s end because cleaning became time consuming and their brushes weren’t coming clean. Enter Dizzolve which has almost zero VOCs and cleans brushes faster and better than solvents and less expensively. The brain-safe factor was an added bonus.