Big Mistake!

BigMistake Football image

Most people around the world associate the word “football” with a sport involving a round ball, a sport we call soccer. We associate football with an entirely different sport and will likely never change. Words or phrases can have associations which greatly affect their meaning. There is a lesson here. If you are going to bring a new product to market, be careful what you name it. We decided to call Dizzolve a “brush cleaner” because that is exactly what it does: big mistake! Let me explain.

In the painting industry, “brush cleaner” has always been associated with a powder or solution used to save a brush that has dried paint on it. Dizzolve will remove dried paint from a brush but it also removes wet, solvent based paint including shellac, lacquer, urethane and even wet two-part epoxy. Dizzolve is a daily brush wash for every kind of cleaning. Solvent free brush cleaning is here! Getting painters to understand this has been an uphill struggle.

In an attempt to associate Dizzolve with daily cleaning, we began calling it a “paint thinner replacement for cleaning brushes.” That got our message over to those who still use oil base paint, but they are a diminishing in number due to the prevalence of water based paint. Painters think, “Oh, I don’t need Dizzolve because I don’t use oil base paint anymore.”  Again, word association limits understanding. Perhaps we should call it “Dizzolve Brush Cleaner to Remove Oil Base Paint, Wet or Dry, Including All Other Paints Wet or Dry, and Dried Latex Paint, Even The Healed Up Part Of Your Brush That Happens Almost Every Day; Of Course You Have to Have Water to Take the Wet Latex Out.” I guess we need a bigger label.

Visit our website to learn more about Dizzolve Brush Cleaner.




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