I agree with Robert Frost for whom “the road less traveled by … made all the difference.”

The roads we travel can become a rut and seizing the opportunity to get away, to leave our path can have life changing and life affirming results. For my 60 th birthday, my wife took me took me to Italy. The art, the wine, the cracked plaster arches and faded-paint patina of Tuscany changed my life; I realized it was time to retire from paint contracting and pursue art and wood working. For the next seven years I built a 19-foot sail boat, built a house and painted pictures.

I believe that smaller trips can have can have similar life-changing affects particularly when they are on roads less travelled. Today, my wife and I left our house on a whim and drove to a small fishing village on the coast called Bodega Bay. There, we reunited with the surging, green Pacific and the brisk northwest wind. Later, we shared a glass of chardonnay, clam chowder and fish tacos in a small wharf-side restaurant. The road that carried us there passes through rolling hills, and verdant pastures with farmhouses and barns. It is a road we seldom travel though it practically starts in our back yard. That’s life. That’s the rut. I believe today’s trip on this road less travelled changed me, opened new horizons, however small. I await all “the difference.”


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