I was demonstrating Dizzolve Brush Cleaner at a Mallory store on 4th Avenue in Seattle when a painter approached my table with a slightly sheepish smile.  “I can’t get this paint off my hands; I’ve been trying for three days with lacquer thinner even.”  It turns out the paint was Benjamin Moore’s Aura, known for its revolutionary chemistry. I offered Dizzolve, known for being safe on the skin because it has no caustic chemicals or solvents. As he began working Dizzolve into the paint on his hands, the paint store staff gathered around to watch. A moment passed. Slowly a smile spread across the face of the painter. “It’s taking it off,” He said, showing his hands to the crowd.” Wow, I’m going to buy this stuff.” He left a few minutes later with a gallon of Dizzolve.

Paints have improved in adhesion and durability over the last decade which makes for better paint performance but at the same time makes clean up more difficult. Painters sometimes throw a brush away after one use because it is too had to clean and solvents are messy and had to dispose of. Dizzolve can reverse this trend with its safe but powerful, plant-based technology.

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