Take some dirty paint brushes, a bucket of Dizzolve Brush Cleaner and a painter with forty years of experience as a commercial painter and you have Don the “demo-man.“

Because Dizzolve is a “see it to believe it,” miracle, I knew early on that there was only one way to sell it – demonstrate it. Tens of thousands of miles of travel later I am still placing a six-foot table in paint stores to clean brushes, demonstrating the safety and power of Dizzolve. All this to rediscover what I already knew; painters are a skeptical lot and with good reason. So many new products called “environmentally friendly” simply don’t work as well as the old “stinky” ones. Who can blame them? Time is money and redoing failed paint jobs can drive you out of business. Stick with products you know. Yet there is a rare breed of painters with an eye for innovation who are fed up with damaging solvents. For them, as for me, Dizzolve is a no-brainer: a plant based, healthy alternative to toxic solvents that works faster, better and cheaper than traditional thinners. Thanks to this group of forward-looking painters I have remained undaunted and have placed Dizzolve on shelves in over thirty states.  I am a guy with a table and a message: abandon solvents for the power of plants. Dizzolve works.

cropped-petaluma-city-1.jpgDIZZOLVE CAP 5 (2)DIZZOLVE CAP 1DIZZOLVE CAP 4

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